Clicksound Joe Zay Big Room MIDI Elements

Clicksound has launched Big Room MIDI Elements 1, a construction pack by Joe Zay for Ableton Live.

Your heart is going to beat itself out of your chest, breaking ribs’n’all with the punch that this MIDI Construction Template for Ableton Live lands on your auditory senses and your imagination. Taking the emotional and melodic nature of Progressive House and thrashing it with an infectious energy of Electro/Tech House, Joe Zay has created a perfect and masterful demonstration of a Big Room House arrangement structure and that can now become yours with which to run wild.

With massively impressive Ibiza-style climbs and builds, you really hit the floor running right from the start with synapse snapping beats and percussion plus some insidious sporadic trance synth snaps. As this progresses, we get into the world of altered-reality with a truly unique bass that defies gravity and form that stunningly evolves through another sublime long build primed with inhuman energy to throw open the gates of this BIG, Big House. You can actually feel the crowd bouncing with the occasional flicks of sweat with this one; a viscerally real, superb slice of Big House with an Electro tribalism of a deadly simple but epically effective rhythms and chord progressions, all commanded by the Sergeant Major of this template; the kick.

Big Room MIDI Elements 1 features

  • Ableton Live 8.2 MIDI Construction Template (compatible with Ableton Live 9).
  • 10 Drum and Percussion Tracks7 Bass Tracks.
  • 10 Synth Lead, Stab and Chord Tracks.
  • 12 Effects Tracks.
  • Separate Sidechain Kick Track.
  • Each track is assigned to one of three groups – Beats, Main and FX.
  • This templates does not require any third party software, all associated samples and file are included in the download.

The template pack costs £14.95 GBP.

More information: Clicksound