ADSR Sounds has launched a promotion on CloudBounce Mini, an intuitive app that masters your tracks automatically, using high-quality algorithms and machine learning for crystal clear results.

Cloudbounce Mini is the streamlined desktop version of the full-fat online mastering system, retaining all the AI know-how and powerful core features. Just fire up the app, connect to the internet and import your track. Within a few seconds you’ll have a high quality master, ready to pack the dancefloor. Lifetime access to Cloudbounce Mini’s suite of features and unlimited downloads means that you can keep on creating without restrictions – all for a one-off purchase.

Unlike the online version of Cloudbounce, this special desktop version sits in your app folder, ready for action whenever you need it. Experiment with the different algorithms and settings, exporting infinite versions until you’re satisfied. Because Cloudbounce Mini has no restrictions for import or export, you can even import an entire album and master all of the different tracks with just one click.

CloudBounce Mini features

  • One-click mastering.
  • Lifetime access & updates.
  • Unlimited exports.
  • Instant previews.
  • Multiple genre options.
  • Bass, mid & brightness.
  • Stereo widener & loudness control.
  • Responsive & CPU friendly.
  • Internet connection required.

Available for Windows and Mac, CloudBounce Mini is on sale for $29 USD until June 4th, 2022 (regular $59 USD).

More information: ADSR Sounds