ADSR Sounds has launched an exclusive promotion on CloudBounce Mini, an intuitive app that masters your tracks automatically, using high-quality algorithms and machine learning for crystal clear results.

CloudBounce offers reference-based mastering. You can specify your favourite tune, and the engine will match its characteristics to make your track sound similar.

Album mastering is also included. Upload your whole album and then specify the track order, options, and album-wide settings easily.

CloudBounce Mini features

  • Unlimited 44.1kHz 16-bit WAV & 320 kbps MP3 masters.
  • CB Default, HipHop and EDM genre options.
  • Mastering options: Bass, Mid & Brightness.
  • Stereo Widener & LUFS level control.
  • Lightning-fast & CPU friendly processing.
  • Instant previews.
  • Lifetime access (incl. future updates).
  • Internet connection required.

Available for Windows and Mac, CloudBounce Mini is on sale for $19 USD until May 3rd, 2023 (regular $65.90 USD).

More information: CloudBounce