Cluster Sound has announced release of DS-1 Drums, an analog Drum Pack based on the vintage and ultra-rare Crumar DS-1, a rock solid dual-oscillator mono synth capable of generating impressive drum/fx sounds.

Cluster Sound DS 1 Drums Banner

Released in 1978, the DS-1 (the first Crumar full-fledged synthesizer) was designed to compete against the popular Minimoog. Rightly called “the Italian Minimoog”, the DS-1 can easily generate big analog basses & leads and an unexpected range of exotic, solid and distinctive percussive/FX sounds.

But Crumar released this beast years after Korg and Roland began their domination of the low-cost arena. Consequently, and despite its cool sound and features, everybody overlooked the DS-1 and less than 200 units were sold.

DS-1 Drums features

  • 140 Drum Samples (24 Bits / 44.1 Khz): 11 Kicks, 57 Percussions, 32 FX Hits, 10 Snares + Claps, 21 Toms, 9 HiHats + Rides.
  • 140 Live Drum Devices.
  • 15 Drum Kits.
  • 15 Live Clips.
  • Direct install into “Packs” section.
  • Preset preview playback.
  • Requires Ableton Live 10 or higher.

The sound pack costs 19 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound