Cluster Sound has upgraded its synth and drum line of sound packs to Native Instruments Kontakt. Mostly based on vintage synthesizers and drum machines, all Cluster sound packs are now available for the popular sampler using two virtual instruments: Primus and Droom.

Primus is a Kontakt synthesizer with an user-friendly interface and a solid set of parameters. The sounds included in each synth pack can be easily selected using the waveform menu and tweaked using 25 different filters with cutoff and resonance, one multi-shape LFO assignable to filter, volume and pitch and two envelopes for filter and amplifier. Primus implements also a glide effect, unison with up to 4 stacked voices, and a set of built-in effects.

Droom is shares the same design as Primus, but implements a set of parameters dedicated to drum sounds. The sounds included in each Drum Pack can be selected using the drum menu and tweaked using the an AHD volume envelope, two independent HP/LP filters, a pitch envelope and warmth, punch, transient, EQ and drive effects. The selected drum can be spread across the keyboard or it can be played on any incoming MIDI note.

The instruments are compatible with the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher.

Sound packs are available at introductory prices, ranging from 1.50 EUR to 19.50 EUR until May 9th, 2021. Users can test the two instruments by with the free KB-800 pack based on the vintage JVC KB-800 keyboard. Requires registration at the Cluster Sound website.

More information: Cluster Sound