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Cockos updates Reaper to v3.1

Cockos Reaper

Cockos has released version 3.1 of Reaper, a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Reaper v3.1

  • Actions: toggle show master tempo envelope.
  • Actions: faster actions to explode audio by channel, much faster actions to explode MIDI by channel or pitch.
  • Actions: separate actions to jump to previous/next beat/measure vs moving edit cursor only.
  • Actions: fixed occasional disappearing key shortcut.
  • Automation: fixed possible crash when deleting FX envelope.
  • Automation: shift+ctrl+drag locks envelope point move to either horizontal or vertical (like in MIDI editor).
  • Bounce: display in transport displays bounced length.
  • Editing: fixed bug when moving items across hidden tracks.
  • GUI: significant CPU optimizations when drawing time selection, antialiased peaks, fades, envelopes, filled envelopes.
  • GUI: dim track I/O button when master/parent send disabled (themeable using track_io_dis and mcp_io_dis).
  • GUI: fixed bug in HSV blend mode.
  • GUI: fixed edge line drawing for time/loop selections when decoupled.
  • GUI: fixed filled envelope clipping bug.
  • GUI: separate theme elements for fade quiet zone and fade area color fill.
  • JS: updated Liteon FX.
  • Media explorer: checkbox for starting media preview on the bar while project is playing back.
  • Media explorer: fixed context menu on Vista/Win7.
  • Media explorer: show preview graphics for MIDI items.
  • Metronome: fixed output selection menu.
  • MIDI editor: event filter stays on top, can be toggled on/off.
  • MIDI editor: CC lane dropdowns show which message types are currently in use.
  • MIDI editor: inserting notes in drum modes uses smaller of grid size or 32nd notes.
  • MIDI editor: view preference to always display note velocity.
  • MIDI editor: action to move edit cursor to play cursor.
  • MIDI editor: action to set selected note lengths to grid size.
  • MIDI editor: better paste-extends-source behavior when using unlooped items.
  • MIDI editor: no loop end marker for unlooped MIDI items.
  • MIDI editor: fixed clipboard leak in certain paste actions.
  • MIDI editor: fixed screen redraws/flashes when selecting notes in list view.
  • MIDI editor: action to import lyric events from text file.
  • MIDI editor: better display of text/sysex event editing vs adding, better copy-drag behavior.
  • MIDI editor: clicking empty space in the lane deselects text/sysex events.
  • MIDI editor: fixed copy/paste of text/sysex events in list editor.
  • MIDI editor: fixed file-based MIDI item text/sysex event undo/redo.
  • MIDI editor: fixed memory leak when deleting text/sysex events in list editor.
  • MIDI editor: fixed step sequencer note entry when inline editor is open.
  • MIDI editor: fixed text event editing on OS X.
  • MIDI editor: fixed text event hit testing in certain instances.
  • MIDI inline editor: actions dialog can now run actions.
  • MIDI: don’t create a new MIDI item when punch recording if there is already a suitable item to record into.
  • MIDI: fixed overdub recording when extending source and record pdc disabled.
  • MIDI: record overdub/replace modes with record PDC disabled now compensated for track PDC.
  • OSX: default to Cocoa UI for AU plug-ins that support it.
  • OSX: fixed manually editing JS parameter values.
  • Peaks/waveforms: recording items are drawn more smoothly and consistently, update faster by default (configurable).
  • Playback: preserve PDC delayed monitoring now compensates for both track and master/parent PDC.
  • Project: fixed project template being inserted when opening existing project in new tab.
  • Project: setting maximum project length prevents zooming out much past that length.
  • ReaEQ: more regular grid lines.
  • ReaFIR: more regular grid lines.
  • ReaVerb, ReaSamplomatic: now multi-project aware (for save-as with media).
  • ReaSamplomatic: fixed noise bug with zero release time.
  • Recording: fixed recording pre-roll sample rounding problem.
  • Render: fixed render dialog peaks display when certain stem options set.
  • Render: more helpful error message if target directory does not exist.
  • Render: saving project to RPP via render dialog now adds project to recent list.
  • Render: Shup button sends to user default upload target.
  • Screensets: better multiproject track view support.
  • Screensets: screenset window now updates on save-project action.
  • Shutdown: cancelling save while Windows is shutting down cancels system shutdown.
  • Shutdown: more stable sequence with undo history open.
  • Solo: fixed glitches when unsoloing with routing and PDC.
  • Spaghetti cormorant.
  • TCP/Mixer: create sends by dragging IO button to another track.
  • TCP/Mixer: alt+click on IO button toggles master/parent send.
  • TCP: bulk mute/solo by dragging mute/solo button to another track.
  • Tempo envelope: snap points to grid when adding and snapping enabled.
  • VST: faster startup scan of plug-ins that have not changed.
  • VST: more efficient automation for new envelopes or envelopes with square point shape.
  • VST: correct return value for audioMasterAutomate.

Reaper is available for purchase for Windows and Mac for $225 USD (full commercial license) or at the discounted license price of $60 USD (for personal use, or commerical use with a yearly gross revenue of less than $20k USD).

An uncrippled evaluation version of Reaper is available for download from the Reaper website.

More information: Reaper

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