Cong Burn has announced an update to its all-in-one cross-platform workstation for sequencing, sampling and synthesis.

Version 3.10 of Strokes adds 16 synth engines derived from Mutable Instruments Plaits. Other changes in the update include:

  • Pitch sequencing and quantizers.
  • Fully customisable modulation matrix, any modulation source can connect to any sound parameter.
  • Bit crushing & sample rate reduction added to sampler, as well as start/loop point modulation.
  • Panning & fine tune.

The idea of this device is to encourage free-flow experimentation and exploration of rhythm and modulation. The architecture behind Strokes is complex, but on the surface it’s designed to be intuitive no matter what your experience level is. By setting up some sounds and turning the dials, anyone can create interesting and unique results. The sequencing and modulation are cross-patched, meaning the actions of one part impact on another – in this way, the patterns all form part of the greater whole, moving in symbiosis to create cohesive results.

Rather than relying on methodical programming of patterns or computer-defined ‘randomness’, Strokes offers a way to create surprising music with an emphasis on fun. Nothing happens by accident, but you never quite know where a jam will take you. With the means to store patterns and melodic information within a project, one set up can produce different results every time.

Strokes for desktop (VST3/AU) is available to purchase for £35 GBP. The iOS version is £19.99 GBP at the App Store, and a bundle of both is £40 GPB.

More information: Cong Burn