Amid this digital renaissance it seems like new apps and platforms pop up every day. These so-called game changers burst onto the market with claims to make everything easier, but in reality, each new platform presents more and more red tape and limitations on users — especially with musicians. As a result, incredibly talented individuals are stripped of their rights, their dues, and their voice which ultimately creates a disconnect with the fans who so relentlessly support them.

However, Fanhouse, the leading content app empowering creators, artists, and musicians to effortlessly build, nurture, and reward their community is proud to announce the official release of its new feature Fanhouse for Musicians.

Since 2020 Fanhouse has made waves in the industry as the latest cutting-edge social community app to help creators cultivate unique connections with fans, helping thousands of creators reach over $15M in revenue. As the company heads into a new phase of purpose-driven growth, Fanhouse seeks to facilitate new avenues for connection and monetization for musicians specifically.

The Fanhouse for Musicians expanded features go above and beyond the traditional Fanhouse app interface, bridging the gap to meet music fans where they’re at and bring them into the party and the conversation. Musicians have the power to share exclusive content, monetize their work, reward dedicated fans, integrated social media platforms and much more.

Think of Fanhouse for Musicians as a place where Reddit meets Instagram, meets Discord. Unlike other competitors in the space who are transactional with interacting with artists and musicians, Fanhouse for Musicians is centered on curating and nurturing community above all else. Members of Fanhouse pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content, whereas musicians can set their subscription to any price, as well as give out free trial codes or free invites.

“Our social platforms became a projected ideal, and we lost intimacy with our biggest fans. Fanhouse is the platform we desperately needed.” – The Chainsmokers, Investors in Fanhouse

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to helping musicians effortlessly build, nurture, and reward their diehard fan community, Fanhouse’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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