Contralogic RPS-1

Contralogic has released RPS-1, a pattern sequencing VSTi plugin designed to facilitate the rapid creation of percussion sequences with random variations.

The operation is similar to a standard step sequencer, however in addition to a step being either on or off, a probability can be specified – which governs the chance that the sample will be triggered at that point in time. RPS-1 can also output MIDI data and can therefore be used to trigger another plugin or sampler etc.

RPS-1 features

  • 8 sample slots, into which can be loaded one of 96 built-in sounds or a PCM WAVE file.
  • Crush “bit-crusher” type of distortion effect.
  • 2 pole state variable filter: low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject.
  • Output to MIDI notes when samples are triggered
  • Various parameters for probability/randomize and modulation.
  • The full version includes RPS-1m, a multi-output version which has eight mono outputs instead of a single stereo output.

RPS-1 is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC for $19.95 USD. A demo version is available from the product page.

Visit Contralogic for more information.