Loopmasters has introduced a new royalty free sample pack from the ZTEKNO label. Cosmic Resonance features over 5GB of loops, one shots, MIDI files and construction kits that deliver the pulsating rhythms of melodic techno.

The pack is overflowing with material, from mesmerising synth loops that ebb and flow like celestial bodies in orbit, to analogue bass parts that throb with pulsating energy. The drum loops are a rhythmic powerhouse, providing the driving force that propels the melodic techno groove forward, while the effects add a touch of otherworldly mystique as if the universe itself is whispering secrets.

But that’s not all. The Cosmic Resonance sample pack also includes big construction kits as a bonus, like constellations of sound that can be pieced together to create expansive and immersive tracks. The percussion loops add a deep groove, infusing the techno beats with a rich, earthy quality that resonates within the soul.

The sample pack is available from the Loopmasters store for £27.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately starting from £9.95 GBP.

More information: ZTEKNO