sonicLAB has announced the release of the Cosmosƒ M31 stochastic MIDI event generator, alongside the MBot client version.

The combination of M31 and MBot is designed to build a generative system that can drive instrument plugins, or any device which can receive MIDI events.

Cosmosƒ M31 is a generative tool which can render pitched structures between serial patterns to totally stochastic sequences accompanied with multiple midi controller message of certain controlled complexity.

Cosmosƒ M31 features

  • sonicLAB’s proprietary Cosmosƒ model generating events with onset and duration values on multiple time scales by using stochastic distributions.
  • MIDI note events are being rendered on micro scale, MIDI CC events being continuously rendered both on micro and meso scales.
  • 4 independent GENs (stochastic modulation generator) for each micro event and 2 independent GENs for each meso event.

GENs will address MIDI CCs as well as note pitch, velocity, aftertouch and pitchbend messages. The multichannel MIDI output mode is perfect to address MPE synthesizers delivering multiple midi CC and note events on dedicated MIDI channels.

Both the Cosmosƒ M31 and MBot software comes in VST and AU formats for Mac and Windows 64bit systems. It is priced 99 EUR, and you can get a 25% introductory discount until February 15th, 2021.

A limited time fully functioning demo is available from the sonicLAB website. The software requires an iLok account.