CPS, a realtime interactive programming environment for audio, MIDI and other media & I/O which started as a commercial package, in now available as freeware.

In CPS patches are build by placing objects and making wires between them. Areas of interest are sound design, algorithmic composition, DSP, electronic/computer music and education. CPS can be used in any realtime situation where sound plays a role.

example usages of CPS

  • interactive realtime sound for art installations
  • use CPS as a game audio engine inside your program
  • sound design
  • algorithmic composition
  • create interactive sound-tracks for games or art related software
  • create realtime sound effects and instruments
  • generate and process realtime MIDI events
  • education in audio processing, MIDI protocol, and logic programming

Visit the CPS website for more information and a link to download the full version of CPS.