CPS, the realtime interactive programming environment for audio, MIDI and other media & I/O (which went freeware May 2006), has been updated to version 1.50.

Updated in v1.50

  • permanently removed restrictions on how many objects you can create in one patch (this was already removed in version 1.46 and higher)
  • added out-of-the-box support for Entec’s Open DMX USB box, and for LED par 56’s, so that is is now terribly easy to use CPS as the primal software to control lightening
  • on Windows, switched from the out-dated Microsoft Java Virtual Machine to Sun’s Java Virtual Machine
  • added Apollo, an ear-model (Meddis’s Unitary model) based pitch detection algorithm
    added .ogg support (audioFromDisk and table)
  • added support for reading .ogg and .mp3 tags (audioFromDisk and table) by conversating the command “_getTag tagname filename”
  • added scrolling through playing audio (audioFromDisk), by giving a percentage or a time in seconds

The SDK was updated as well and v1.50 fixes a few smaller bugs.

Visit CPS for more information and a link to download the full version of CPS.