Plugin Boutique has launched the D16 Drumazon & Arturia Analog Lab Bundle, a limited time exclusive bundle deal, offering a 55% discount on the virtual instruments.

Plugin Boutique Analog Lab Drumazon Bundle

A collection of awesome drum sounds and retro analog synth presets compiled to deliver classic analog heart and soul straight into your new productions!

D16 Group’s Drumazon emulates all the sounds of the original 909 with the instruments all synthesized in exactly the same way as the original. All the nuances and details of the original are captured perfectly and all Drumazon instruments have enhanced controls. This allows users to adjust these sounds further than they could on the original machine, opening up a whole new world of sound creation.

Arturia’s Analog Lab gives you access to over 5000 presets from the 17 retro synthesizers included in Arturia’s V Collection. Each preset can be tweaked, and for performance control you can custom map any controller of your choice to the software via the MIDI Learn feature. You can also save presets into playlists and with Analog Lab’s browser, you can always find the right sound for your production.

The D16 Drumazon & Arturia Analog Lab Bundle is available exclusively from Plugin Boutique, priced at £71.95 GBP / $88 USD.

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