d16 group audio software Nepheton

D16 group audio software has released Nepheton, a drum machine VSTi plugin.

Nepheton contains 17 fully synthesized instruments perfectly emulating the famous 808 drum machine. All the nuances and details of the instruments sounds are captured perfectly. The instruments models are equipped with additional controls giving you possibility to tweak the sound much better.

Nepheton features

  • 17 fully synthesized instruments
  • perfectly scaled knob ranges
  • exhanced control of instruments’ sounds
  • dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs
  • user defined outputs configuration (Master out, instruments outputs, Trigger output)
  • mutes/solos for each instrument (affect triggerring not just the signal)
  • fully controllable via MIDI CC
  • quick MIDI CC assignation with Midi Learn function
  • external mode (note mode): user defined midi map (default set equal to General Midi), note velocity controls instruments’ levels
  • internal sequencer (pattern mode): 96 simple patterns, 16 extended patterns (12 basic rythms and 4 intros/fill ins) with 4 segments per pattern, each segment can be defined with one of four available measures, each step can be defined normal or accented, shuffle mode, tap mode, built in Randomizer, patterns import/export via human readable xml files
  • precise synchronization to the host tempo and synchronization to internal clock – tempo controlled in the range 30-303 BPM (+-0.1)
  • preset manager

Nepheton costs 139 EUR and you can save if you purchase it in a bundle pack:

  1. Total pack (Phoscyon+Drumazon+Nepheton) – 249 Eur (save 78 €)
  2. Drum machine pack (Drumazon+Nepheton) – 219 (save 49 €)

Registered users can take advantage of a cross-grade offer for Nepheton.

A demo with the following limitations is available: Loading internal patterns disabled, works only in SEQ Internal mode and works for 1 hour.

More information: d16 group audio software / Nepheton