D16 Group has announced an update to all of the audio plugin included in the SilverLine Collection, bringing improved compatibility with the latest macOS versions (Catalina and Big Sur for Intel based computers).

The update also unifies the interface for the complete collection, which includes Spacerek, Syntorus 2, Godfazer, Redopter 2, Fazortan 2, Toraverb 2, Tekturon, Decimort 2, Devastor 2, and Antresol.

Other changes in the update:

  • Fix for misbehaviour of preset change alert.
  • Fixes of other so far reported and discovered issues.
  • Code maintenance.
  • Digital signature for installers and plug-ins (Windows and macOS).
  • Devastor 2.2.0: Fixed problem with latency during initialization, crackles during first playback, and crackles occurring for specific audio buffer sizes.
  • Frontier 1.1.0: Fixed problem with Frontier on stereo bus fed with mono track (Logic Pro X) and problems with latency compensation.

The SilverLine series plugins are available for purchase at D16 Group and distributor Plugin Boutique.

Existing users can update at no charge. Note that 32-bit versions are abandoned in all new builds due to Apple requirements for new macOS systems.