D16 Group has launched its new Tekturon effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Tekturon offers 16 delay lines all arranged in a sequence to provide a level of inspiration and possibility simply unavailable with conventional delays.

Tekturon is a multitap-delay effect with 16 independent, high-quality delay lines. What really sets it apart from other, similar products, however, is the way it’s controlled and the unique topology into which the taps are arranged: The Delay Matrix.

In fact, Tekuron can’t be thought of as a tap-delay effect in the strictest sense, but more of a sequence of taps equally delayed from each other, whereby working with the plugin strongly resembles using a step sequencer. This rather unusual design should give your creativity just the kick it needs!

Tekturon features

  • 16 delay lines arranged in a sequence of taps equally delayed from each other
    • Quick-access Mute buttons for selectively suppressing lines’ outputs.
    • Globally controlled (all 16 delay lines at once):
      • Time grid – The delay between subsequent taps and base delay time for all 16 feedback loops.
      • Optional host tempo synchronization.
      • Feedback base value.
      • Shuffle (swing).
      • Master filter’s settings.
    • Locally (per delay line):
      • Feedback relative to base value.
      • Delay time as multiple of Time grid.
      • Local filter’s settings.
      • Stereo Panorama.
      • Stereo Spread.
      • Output volume with level indication.
  • Ultra-low digital aliasing output.
  • Tag based preset browser.
  • MIDI-learn functionality.
  • 64bit internal processing.

Tekturon for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for 69 EUR. It is also included in the Silverline Collection for 299 EUR, and the Total Bundle for 799 EUR.

More information: D16 Group