D16 Group has announced an update to all the plugins in its SilverLine Collection, which comprises the Spacerek virtual space reverb, Syntorus 2 analog chorus, Godfazer advanced modulation unit, Redoptor 2 vintage tube distortion, Fazortan 2 controllable space phaser, Toraverb 2 space modulated reverb, Tekturon multitap sequenced delay, Decimort 2 bitcrusher, Devastor 2 multiband distortion, and Antresol analog BBD stereo flanger.

The update adds native Apple Silicon support (macOS) and the VST3 plugin format, additional GUI sizes, HiDPI/Retina support, and MIDI assignability for Prev/Next (Main Presets). An issue where newly save presets were not displaying in the presets list was fixed, and compatibility with the latest macOS versions (Big Sur and Monterey) has improved, as well as preset export/import via drag’n’drop and GUI layout.

Additionally, Decimort 2.3.0 fixes a bug with audio initialization right after selecting new preset and automation issues (Ableton Live, Audio Unit, M1), while version 1.2.0 of Frontier brings reduced CPU usage with Clipper (especially for higher qualities).

The updates are free to download for existing users, and new users can purchase the plugins at the D16 Group store and from distributor Plugin Boutique.