Sample Magic has released some new sample packs on Splice Sounds.

Dark Melodic Techno — Dark, deep and expansive: Dark Melodic Techno explores the sound of techno through a curated collection of stomping beats, big-room basslines, and expansive melodic progressions across wav, midi, and one-shots.

Sample Magic Dark Melodic Techno

Get to grips with an extensive, authentic set of tools for the club for a no-frills take on the fundamentals of techno.

Melodic Future Beat — Blending a fresh collection of forward-thinking sounds, Melodic Future Beat serves a diverse selection of futuristic sound design, with expertly crafted and processed music kits, synth loops, and drum loops.

Sample Magic Melodic Future Beat

Get to grips with punchy drums, rumbling basses, neon-tinged melodics, backbeat grooves, and much more. Sitting halfway from edgy and experimental to the hazy and hypnotic, melodic future beat combines the best elements of chilled out beats and futuristic production.

Future Soul 3 — From expansive and euphoric to funky and futuristic – Future Soul 3 delivers a collection of neon-laced melodics, Serum presets, forward thinking beats, and soul-saturated music kits, drum hits & one-shots.

Sample Magic Future Soul 3

Expertly crafted and curated, Future Soul 3 offers an assortment of WAV, MIDI, drum hits, one-shots, Serum & Astra presets fusing elements of neo-soul, alternative R&B, future funk, and electronica to bring together an assortment of sounds bursting with character and quality for a definitive collection.

Swing House Mechanics — Outspoken house grooves, hybridised percussion, and analogue synths workouts. Swing House Mechanics delivers a pristine collection of house haptics and electronics primed for forward-thinking producers.

Sample Magic Swing House Mechanics

From bumping and choppin’ basslines, club-infused kicks, classic house-inspired melodics and music kits, Swing House Mechanics is the definitive collection for underground house producers and startup productions.

Modular Techno 2 — Rough and raw analogue sequences, modular components, and deep techno grooves Modular Techno is a booming, boundary-breaking collection packed with raw machine drums, rough bass riffs, modular synth explorations, chugging analogue percussion, dark drones, and granular atmospheres for a 900MB+ collection.

Sample Magic Modular Techno 2

Modular Techno delivers a bespoke collection of raw and pumping tools that capture the best of modular and techno in one essential collection.

Ambient Textures 2 — From dreamy and dusty to euphoric and expansive – Ambient Textures 2 delivers a discerning digest of organic instrumentation and modular synthetics alongside foley and found inspired by chillout, downtempo and leftfield electronica.

Sample Magic Ambient Textures 2

From hazy felt pianos and modular melodics to sonorous soundscapes and meticulously crafted music kits. Ambient Textures 2 comes packed with an assortment of WAV, MIDI, drum hits and one-shots to deliver full-track inspiration in a bespoke collection that is sure to inspire your tracks across multiple genres.

Ambient Textures 2 is the result from true labour of love fostered by a host of natural foley/found sound recordings and crafting compositions only achievable recording live instrumentation and sequencing modular components. At the heart of the collection is the constant use of the Ampex 440-B for maximum character, depth and substance for unparalleled quality. Ambient Textures 2 is designed to be the standard collection for all things electronica and esoteric.

The sample packs and all individual sounds are available to Splice Sounds subscribers. New users can get 1 month free access to Splice by using promo code YT2021 when signing up for a plan.

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