Yet another DarkWare plug-in has been released: Battery Acid, a VST distortion effect.

From the DarkWare website:

When distortion fails… CORRODE!

The sight of a deteriorated car battery was the inspiration for Battery Acid. I thought… what would audio sound like if that happened to it? Battery Acid uses a set of dual bitcrushers and waveshapers to completely erode your music to delightful dilapidation. Each stereo channel can be crushed and mutilated individually. Ahh, but that would be too simple… so, there’s some secret ingredients in there. :D You can “dissolve” and “melt” as well as “corrode” and “erode”.

You just have to hear the presets to understand! (And to top it off, you can set the cutoff and resonance of the audio as well.) Everything from crunchtastic guitars, crispy synths, and mutilated sludgey bass is at your disposal with Battery Acid. Wear rubber gloves and goggles when handling, please.

Check Darkware for a demo and sound clips.