DDMF Virtual Audio Stream

DDMF has announced the release of Virtual Audio Stream, a CD-quality virtual loopback audio driver together with a dedicated VST effect rack.

The driver makes up to four stereo cables available for routing audio between applications. The effect rack processes up to four soundcards in parallel with arbitrary chains of VST effects. This way, all audio playing on the user’s PC can be treated with VST effects.

It’s also easy to record signals from videos/DVDs etc., using either a VST recording plugin or a standalone recording software.

The virtual loopback driver (Windows PC) is available to purchase for $29 USD, the driver plus the effect rack $49 USD and the driver plus the rack plus DDMF’s IIEQPro, NYCompressor and NoLimits plugins for $99 USD.

A 30% introduction discount applies until the end of July.

More information: DDMF / Virtual Audio Stream