DDMF has updated its effect chainer Metaplugin to version 2.2.

ddmf Metaplugin

Transport information from the host is now properly transmitted to the loaded plugins (which means start/stop playback or BPM information is available). Also, an option for two-fold oversampling of the whole signal chain is now available.

Further news: RTAS releases of all plugins except Metaplugin (for legal reasons) are planned during the second half of April. AAX versions will follow later this year. At that point, prices will have to be adjusted slightly, meaning that possible customers have about ten days left to take advantage of the current price structure. For all previous owners, the new versions will be available free of charge.

Metaplugin for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $29 USD.

More information: DDMF