Audio Plugin Deals has launched a new 2 week sale on the Audio Imperia Cinematic Experience Bundle, a collection of 8 Kontakt instrument libraries from Audio Imperia and Exotic States.

Audio Plugin Deals Audio Imperia Bundle

For just $99, get a massive 8-in-1 bundle of high-quality toolkits and instruments worth a combined total of $462.

Audio Imperia is a joint venture of composers, sound designers, and developers focused on creating boutique trailer and video game music specific instruments that instantly inspire.

This amazing deal is available only until August 23rd. Don’t miss out!

Audio Imperia Bundle features

  • High definition 96kHz / 24bit .WAV files.
  • 12GB+ download size.
  • Custom Kontakt Patches.
  • Critically Acclaimed Cinematic Sample Libraries.
  • Inspiring & Unique Sound Design.
  • Flexible Custom Kontakt Engines.
  • Hank Drum: A sonic playground for cinematic scoring.
  • Hank Drum Exp 1: Cinematic Motions for suspenseful and driving cinematic cues.
  • Dark Dimensions 1: Post-apocalyptic & sci-fi sound effects.
  • Dystopian Dreams Vol. 2 – Dark Moon Rising: Sinister, creepy and suspenseful sound effects.
  • Sphere: Gorgeous evolving pads for dark soundscapes & rhythmic underscores.
  • Mystic: Ambient cello with unique Cello articulations & Otherworldly Pads and Soundscapes.
  • Embers: Heavy growling basses with wavering pads & rhythmic synths.
  • Realms: Extensive bowed metal objects with beautiful shimmering organic pads & dark/eerie soundscapes.

The bundle is available for just $99.99 USD until August 22nd, 2017.

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