The Loop Loft has launched a Mulitrack Madness sale, offering discounts of up to 75% off on its multitrack drum libraries for a limited time.

The Loop Loft Multitrack Madness

Have you experienced the power and versatility of our Multitrack Drum Series? With The Summer Multitrack Sale, now is your chance to save up 75% on our entire line of Multitrack Drums that will give 100% control over your drum mix.

Sometimes loops just aren’t enough. Do you ever wish you could ride the faders and control the individual elements of a live drum track? Well, now you can. With our new series of multitrack drums, we provide you with over 9 separate tracks of drums and percussion, giving you full control over the level, EQ, compression and effects for each instrument.

The sale ends July 5th.

You can also save up to 90% off a new selected of Weekend Deals, and get a free copy of Omar Hakim Drums Vol 2 with any purchase.

Weekend Deals

  • Nate Smith Drums Vol 1 – Known for his deep pocket, explosive dynamics and ability to adapt to any musical situation, Nate Smith had become one of the most in-demand drummers across a multitude of genres including funk, jazz, pop and hip hop.
  • Cinematic Drums Bundle – If you’re looking to load up on Cinematic drums, percussion, sound effects and grooves, then this is the collection for you.
  • Wide Open Drums Vol 1 – Welcome to The Great Wide Open. A place where drums are free of duct tape, moon gels, towels, wallets, blankets and everything else that kills the “natural” overtone (and power) of live, acoustic drums.
  • Doug Wamble Guitar Bundle – We’ve bundled all four of our Doug Wamble Artist Series collections together, providing you with almost 2 GB of guitar loops.
  • Odd Meter Drums Bundle – MIDI Drum Loops – When it comes to odd meters, there’s a certain art to making them feel “natural” and well, not “odd”.
  • The Platinum Pack – With over 8,000,000 kB (8.8 GB to be exact) of drum loops in our library, The Platinum Pack is a bundled collection featuring 40 of The Loop Loft’s most popular loop and sample collections.
  • The Songwriter Drum Bundle – From mellow brush drums, to hip (but not overproduced) indie rock drums, to layers of percussion from around the world, The Songwriter Bundle gives you the beats and sounds you need to craft your next song.

The weekend deals end July 3rd, 2017.

More information: The Loop Loft