Plugin Boutique is offering up to 50% off on Dear Reality’s dearVR Mix and the recent EXOVERB immersive reverb in a Black Friday Sale.

Dear Reality is the leading company in the field of immersive audio controllers, well-known for its binaural, Ambisonics, and multi-channel software tools providing exceptionally realistic room virtualization. We welcome them to our store with up to 50% off their spacially enhanced specialist plugins!

Featuring 50 true-to-life sounding acoustic scenes with unheard three-dimensional depth and width, EXOVERB provides a unique spatial distance perception based on the fundamentals of spatial hearing. The plugin comes with 50 hand-tailored acoustic scenarios from 4 categories: Ambiences, Rooms, Spaces, and Plates.

dearVR MIX uses advanced spatial audio technology to turn any studio headphones into a world-class stereo mix room with carefully designed acoustics. The plugin uses Dear Reality’s Spatial Headphone Compensation to help you gain confidence monitoring your session in multiple virtual reference rooms and mix with your professional studio headphones.

EXOVERB is on sale for $69 USD (30% OFF regular), while dearVR Mix is priced $49 USD during the promotion (50% OFF regular). The offer expires November 28th, 2022.

More information: Dear Reality