Sitala has been gaining ground as one of the up and coming drum samplers available for macOS, Windows and Linux, currently at place #7 in KVR Audio’s ranking of most popular drum samplers.

Decomposer has now released version 1.0 of the 16-pad drum sampler.

Sitala features 16 drum pads, and a super intuitive set of 6 controls: shape, two-octave tuning, volume, compression, tone and pan.

By overloading each of its controls to sweep through a range of possibilities, Sitala keeps the control surface minimal while still allowing for a huge range of sounds. The shape knob sweeps from everything from glitchy micro-house to pumping atmospheric sounds. The tone-knob single-handedly covers most of the territory that’d normally be achieved with a parametric EQ.

Uniquely, each of its controls provides immediate visual feedback to see exactly what’s being done to the sound in use.

sitala sample trimming

Version 1.0 adds lots of new features to round out the drum sampler:

  • Editable sample start and end points: Not only does Sitala allow editing the start and end points of samples, it also automatically detects poorly cut samples with leading silence and places the play head at the point where the sample starts, not just the point where the file starts.
  • Beat slicing: If you load a sound into Sitala that has multiple drum hits, it automatically finds their start and end points and lets you pick either individual drum hits, or to play the entire sample. You can even go one step further and slice each individual drum hit to its own pad so that each part of the loop can be triggered separately.
  • AAX version for Pro Tools: In addition to the currently supported Audio Unit and VST formats, this release of Sitala adds an AAX plugin for use in Pro Tools.
  • Automatic Multi-Out in Reaper: Sitala integrates with Reaper so that choosing multi-output mode in Reaper will automatically put Sitala into multi-out mode and keep the track names in sync. This makes it super easy to add additional processing to each drum pad in Reaper.

Sitala is available as a free download in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows, macOS and Linux.

More information: Decomposer