Desert Sound Studios Mk-iii

Desert Sound Studios has announced the release of Mk-iii, a drum machine instrument for Max for Live, comprising a step-sequencer and drum sample playback module.

The MK-iii drum machine from Desert Sound Studios takes a new approach to traditional drum machine design. By splitting the drum machine into two, each Max for Live device can be used separately or combined into a single drum machine. This flexibility opens up new possibilities inside Live.

Highly influenced by the digital drum machines of the late 80’s, the MK-iii includes a full electronic drum sample kit from that era. Quickly load these sounds or your own and shape them with the on-board filter, bit crusher and delays. And for those with Lemur, a touch template covering nearly every parameter can be downloaded for free at

The MK-iii combines the familiarity of a drum machine with the advantages of modern technology. For owners of Live 9 Suite, this combination makes a great gateway into the powerful world of Max for Live.

Mk-iii features

  • Sequencer
    • Four independent 16-step sequencer tracks.
    • Assignable note and accent velocity.
    • Selectable midi note output and note duration.
    • Independent pattern start and pattern length adjustments.
    • Two trigger modes:Song Sync (Ableton) and MIDI Input (note trigger).
    • Swing function and Step Divider.
  • Drum module
    • Four independent dual-sample sound engines.
    • Optimized audio playback engine and voice allocation system.
    • Independent coarse tune, fine tune and volume per sample.
    • Pan and Decay setting per sound.
    • Multi-effects per sound (Filter, Bit Crush, and Delay+Filter).
  • Unique modular design; connect the sequencer or the sample playback module Max for Live devices through track-based MIDI and audio routing.
  • Includes full drum sample kit based on the Dr-550 drum machine.
  • Optional Lemur template provides touch control over nearly every parameter of the Mk-iii.

The Mk-iii drum machine costs $23.99 USD. Requires Ableton Live 9 Suite or Ableton Live 8/9 with Max for Live Add-on.

More information: Desert Sound Studios