Detunized La Ramona Synthesizers

Detunized has released DTS011 – La Ramona Synthesizers, a new sound library for Ableton Live.

Featuring the sounds of the one and only Vermona Synthesizer, made in GDR, this Live Pack transforms the symbols of the east german workingclass into 3 exciting synthesizers.

“Hammer” is good for strange textures.
“Zirkel” is a kind of 303 bass synth. The original Vermona filter is featured here.
“Aehrenkranz” can be fitted with 133 different oscillators carrying a great variety of Vermona sounds. It is also excellent for messing around with phase shiftings.

La Ramona Synthesizers features

  • Format: Ableton Live Pack
  • Instruments: 3 + 133 swappable Aehrenkranz OSCs
  • Keyrange: C-1 to C7
  • No. of Samples: 702
  • Disk space needed: approx. 270 MB
  • Installation instruction included.

La Ramona Synthesizers is available as a download, priced at 4.98 EUR for subscribers or 6.98 EUR as an instant download.

More information: Detunized