Detunized has released Micro Weave, a sound library for Ableton Live.

Detunized Micro Weave

Micro Weave Live Pack is a collection of 41 expressive Ableton instruments that feature sounds from the famous Microwave 2 synthesizer. Based on Wolfgang Palm´s wavetable concept this beast was critically acclaimed when it appeared to the public in 1997.

Covering a sound spectra that ranges from powerfull bass sounds going over cutting leads to harsh pads the Microwave 2 delivered the cream to numerous dancefloor hits of the late nineties and is still doing it today.

With Micro Weave this uniqueness is now available for desktop sequencing. For the Live Pack sounds none of the original ROM-wavetables came into play. All wavetables were created from scratch using special algorithms like FM, Envelope-, Sync/Pulsewidth Modulation or Paremeter Incrementing.

Micro Weave comes with nearly 700 high quality samples that form a library of first class instruments. Equipped with carefully adjusted macro controls it is easy to pick up and tweak the right bass, the screaming lead, the swirling pad and add the seasoning to rock-solid electronic music tracks.

The Micro Weave library is available to purchase for 4.80 EUR. Detunized subscribers pay 3.90 EUR.

More information: Detunized / Micro Weave