Detunized Vlamba

Detunized has announced Vlamba, a sound library for Ableton Live featuring a plucked and bowed Viola da Gamba.

Vlamba is a set of 7 Ableton devices that are based on the sounds of a bowed and plucked Viola da Gamba. The instrument´s recordings were taken with a close and a distant microphone where both are joined to form time-aligned stereo samples.

The intention of this Live Pack is to demonstrate how far you can go from the original sound of a set of distinct real-world samples. Following this idea Vlamba delivers a nice selection of acousmatic events that match perfectly for lively textures, background layers or whole pieces of contemporary music.

Vlamba for Ableton (105 MB) is available to purchase as an instant download for 4.80 EUR. Detunized subscribers pay 1.30 EUR.

Detunized has also released Waschsalon, a free Live Pack.

Visit at the Laundromat. A quadruple layered instrument that helps shorten the time until the washing machine has finished its job.

Library size: 20 MB, Instant download for Free

More information: Detunized / Vlamba