ADSR Sounds has welcomed DHPlugins to its store with a sale on the ground breaking hybrid synth, samples and rompler instrument HALO 2. The plugin features a voice-assignable arpeggiator, sample FM mode, loop editing, and much more.

A slicker user interface and refined user experience spearhead the immense upgrades including sampler frequency modulation, split channel arpeggiator, sample unison, precision sample loop editing, and bit-crushing, amongst many many more updates. The User Audio Import System has been totally redesigned offering increased flexibility and can even be modulated by other user audio files.

With a visual and creative workflow, HALO 2 redefines the space between audio and synthesis. Combining meticulously crafted re-sampled audio with a host of Synth layers, processing and FX, HALO 2 effortlessly creates enormous basses, soaring leads, lush pads, stabs and more. The immense presets will either slot straight into your projects or serve as an inspirational start point, but delve deeper into the extensive filter, FX and modulation options to make whole new sounds with just a few clicks.

Unlike many Romplers, HALO 2 allows users to add their own custom audio files with infinite sound design possibilities, or simply load in one of the ever increasing range of Expansions, each with their own theme and sonic signature. And if that isn’t enough the HALO FX plugin is included with HALO 2, bringing all of the filters, distortions and effects right into your DAW plug-in chain.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats, HALO 2 is on sale for $49 USD instead of $99 USD until June 7th, 2023.

More information: DHPlugins