Direct Approach has announced that all of its plugins are now available for free.

Professional Mixing and Mastering Tools. Pure DSP code,…no modeling, no emulations! Just your sound, only better. Very efficient, low CPU algorithms so you can apply to each and every track! Unique ability to automate the dynamics processing stage!

The following products now come with perpetual licenses that no longer require registration:

  • DASR: De-esser that writes automation, offering full control of the de-essing process.
  • CompPlus: Compressor with dynamics automation and articulation control.
  • BoostX: Better than compression, increases only the low levels.
  • SpecTrend 2.0: Spectral trend analyzer, 1/3 octave pink-noise weighted spectrum analyzer.
  • Snap!: Put back the attack and restore dynamics to your tracks or samples.
  • LimitX: Unique limiting, intelligently prevents “overs” while being totally transparent.

All plugins are available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and macOS.

More information: Direct Approach