discoDSP has introduced The Energy Waves Soundset, a free collection of patches by Sonic Sirius for the Discovery Pro synthesizer instrument.

The Energy Waves Soundset features

  • 128 free presets for discoDSP Discovery Pro VSTi Version 5.6 or higher.
  • Format: 1 Soundbank (*.FXB) & 128 Singles (*.FXP).
  • Sound Design: CHE by Sonic Sirius.
  • Includes Read me & Install (PDF).
  • Suitable for various/modern art genres.
  • Includes AdventureKid Waveforms (*.WAV) 16,7 MB, and Energy Soundset.dwb (*.WAV) 21 MB (Synthesizer Samples from Korg, Kurzweil, Nordlead, Oberheim and Yamaha).

The soundset is available for purchase from Patch Arena.