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discoDSP releases Vertigo for Mac

discoDSP Vertigo

discoDSP has announced the release of Vertigo for Mac, a virtual synthesizer plug-in.

Vertigo is a 256 oscillators additive synth with resynthesis and sound morphing. It imports WAV audio and PNG images and offers a very accurate recreation of complex musical phrases, drumloops, speech and simple tones. The full version includes 128 presets.

Vertigo features

  • General
    • Up to 16 voices polyphony.
  • Envelope
    • 256 breakpoints parabolic envelopes with stage slope control.
  • Partials (Oscillators)
    • Euler generated (Max: -120dB s/noise ratio) (no wavetables used).
    • Up to 256 per voice.
    • 2 Modulation sources with morphing.
    • Phase.
    • Amplitude.
    • Note pitch shift amount.
    • Frequency ratio.
    • Freq./amp envelope (see Envelope above).
  • Synthesis options
    • Harmonize (Harmonic/Odd Harmonic vocoder).
    • Phase smearing.
    • Frequency smearing (ensemble).
    • Classic waveform generator assistant (Saw/Square/Triangle/2X Saw/Square/Triangle).
  • Filter
    • -24dB/Oct modes: Lowpass/Hipass/Bandpass/Notch.
    • -12dB/Oct modes: Lowpass/Hipass.
    • Cutoff envelope.
    • Wheel/Key/Velocity modulation amounts for cutoff.
    • Wheel/Velocity modulation amounts for resonance.
  • Voices
    • Two resonant filters (serial/parallel mode).
    • Pitch envelope.
    • Amplitude envelope.
    • Pitch bend control
  • Mono Effects
    • Distortion (8 times oversampled overdrive with soft clip).
    • Phaser (up to 128 taps).
    • Flanger.
    • Compressor.
    • Equalizer (8 bands).
  • Stereo Effects
    • Chorus.
    • Delay.
    • Reverb.
  • Resynthesis and Sampling
    • WAV PCM analysis and bitmap import.
    • 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192 FFT frame sizes.
    • 4 Windows: Bartlett, Hamming, Hanning, and Blackman.

Vertigo for Mac OS X is available now in Audio Unit and VST instrument formats for Intel-based Macs only (i.e. not PPC), priced at 75 EUR / $99 USD.

More information: discoDSP

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