discoDSP has announced an update to the Scope oscilloscope plugin for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Version 1.2 of the tool for precise waveform visualization and analysis comes with various improvements and fixes.

With its intuitive two-axis graph, Scope allows you to effortlessly observe changes in your audio signal over time. The horizontal axis represents time while the vertical axis represents amplitude, providing a clear and concise visual representation of your waveform.

Designed to optimize your dynamics processing and sound synthesis, Scope is an indispensable tool for any professional audio engineer or musician. It can be placed at the end of your signal chain to analyze the cumulative effects of any plugins or inserted anywhere in the chain to view the signal at that point.

Changes in Scope v1.2

  • Made minor enhancements to the scope drawing functionality.
  • Increased the refresh rate of the scope frame rate from 30 fps to 120 fps.
  • Added a new macOS icon.
  • Included Linux VST3 and standalone versions with JACK support.
  • Added Windows ASIO standalone support.
  • Provided macOS PKG and Windows Inno Setup installers.

Available in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats, Scope is now priced $19 USD.

Also updated is the Schroeder reverb, a type of digital audio effect that is used to simulate the natural reverberation that occurs in a physical space.

Version 1.5 adds new filter options, a waveshaper limiter, and more.

Unlike other types of reverbs, which use a single feedback loop to create a series of echos that decay over time, the Schroeder reverb uses a combination of both early reflections and a diffuse reverberation tail.

The early reflections are created by feeding the original audio signal through a series of short delays and then filtering it to simulate the way that sound bounces off different surfaces in a room. The diffuse reverberation tail is then created by feeding the early reflections through a longer series of delays and filters, which causes the sound to gradually decay over time.

Changes in Schroeder v1.5

  • Added IIR 48 dB pole 20 Hz high-pass and 22 Khz low-pass filter for cleaner sound and removing unwanted high frequencies.
  • Added waveshaper limiter to avoid excessive reverb boost.
  • Framework update for enhanced stability.
  • Added a new macOS standalone icon.
  • Added Windows ASIO standalone support.
  • Provided macOS PKG and Windows Inno Setup installers.

Schroeder 1.5 is also available to purchase for $19 USD.

More information: discoDSP