DMG Audio has announced the release of TrackComp 2, an updated version of the compressor plugin designed for musicians, producers and mix engineers.

DMG Audio TrackComp 2

The update features upgraded models and four new compressors. It is more accurate, freely resizable and now comes with global oversampling.

Nine Compressors spanning the history of pro-audio. Filthy and distorted to invisible and clean; tubes, optos, FETs, transistors and VCAs. The tool you need for every session.

TrackComp 2 features

  • 9 compressors spanning the history of pro-audio:
    • Revision A and D of the classic 76 FET compressor.
    • British (G-Bus) and American (2k5) VCA bus compressors.
    • 2A Opto compressor with lush valve output stage.
    • Zener Comp/Limiter.
    • 160 early VCA comp for drums.
    • British E-channel console compressor.
    • Mini Compassion.
  • Realtime SPICE simulation of hardware units.
  • Common hardware mods like Sidechain filter and Response.
  • Zero-latency.
  • Authentic end-to-end models with distortion and all.
  • Digital compressor with variable curves based on Compassion.
  • Classic compression sounds of the last 50 years.
  • Controls to calibrate the plugin to match and replace hardware.
  • Simple, streamlined interface.
  • Mac Retina and Windows HiDPI support.
  • Autolisten for configuring filters.
  • Freely resizable.

TrackComp 2 is available in VST/VST3, AU, RTAS and AAX plugin formats, priced £74.99 GBP through the end of the year (regular £84.99 GBP). Users of TrackComp can upgrade for free.

More information: DMG Audio