DMG Audio

DMG Audio has announced updates for its EQuality (equalizer), Compassion (dynamics processor) and EQuick (equalizer) audio effect plugins for Windows and Mac.

This is a fun update! Lots of speedups, optimises and improvements!

Changes in EQuality v1.17 / Compassion v1.06 / EQuick v1.02

  • All plug-ins:
    • Fixed memory leak.
    • Fixed potential crash in UI.
    • Massive improvements to CPU usage with UI redraw/animation.
    • Fix focus stealing bug on windows.
    • Fix UI crash on mac.
    • Invalid text entry returns controls to default values.
    • Fix “stuck-on” clip light in ProTools HD.
    • Fix Win+Ctrl click for Windows ProTools.
    • Fix AudioSuite redraw for Windows ProTools.
    • Presets are compressed to dramatically reduce session sizes (1/50th).
  • EQuick:
    • Fix tooltips and hover in ProTools.
    • Fix UI resizing in ProTools.
    • ProTools pagetable.
    • New pref: Band colour by number.
    • New pref: Mousewheel zoom disable.
  • Compassion:
    • Delay compensate for wet/dry when clip-limiter is pre.
    • No sidechain version of Compassion.

More information: DMG Audio