DMG Audio has released version 1.14 of professional and flexible mixing/mastering equalizer EQuality, and verion 1.03 of Compassion, a dynamic processing effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

DMG Audio EQuality / Compassion

Changes in EQuality v1.14

  • Fixed rare memory leak.
  • Fixed A/B automation.
  • Improved ProTools Controlsurface integration.
  • Fixed M/S mode bug.
  • Improved denormal handling.
  • Improved mousewheel handling.
  • Added Manual to EQuality installer.
  • Added soft-bypass to eliminate CPU load for inactive bands.
  • Improved Digital+ phase-cancellation.

Changes in Compassion v1.03

  • Improved preset naming.
  • Fixed listen and A/B menu.
  • Fixed reset-to-default for Advanced params.
  • Improved CPU efficiency for oversampling.
  • Fixed rare memory leak.
  • Fixed A/B automation.
  • Shift-drag for advanced sliders.
  • Preserve latency across bypass.
  • Improved mousewheel handling.
  • Fixed processing in Digital Performer.
  • Fixed ProTools Controlsurface integration.
  • Fixed Mono AU sidechain functionality.

EQuality is available to purchase for £99.99 GBP; Compassion is £149.99 GBP.

More information: DMG Audio