DNR Collaborative DEFCON3

DNR Collaborative has released a beta of DEFCON3, a multiband audio deconstruction effect for Native Instruments Reaktor.

DNR Collaborative Designs has released DEFCON3 – a multiband audio deconstruction plug-in for Reaktor 5.6+ which can take your audio and mangle it in various ways, from subtle lo-fi effects to all out sonic mayhem.

DEFCON3 was designed and created by reason lahalla for DNR Collaborative and is currently in BETA.

DEFCON3 can be downloaded for free from the ‘Community’ section of the DNR Collaborative website.

DEFCON3 features

  • Master Effects
    • Left/Right Independent Controls.
    • LP4/LP2/BP4/BP2/HP2 Filter.
    • LFO Destruction Modulator.
    • Filter Saturation.
    • Vinyl Noise/Cracle.
    • Cubic/Linear/Parabolic Shapers.
    • Bypass and Mute Functions.
    • Master Gain Control.
    • Master Pan and Stereo Width.
    • Badly Functioning Compressor
  • Per-Band Functions
    • 4 Individual Frequency Bands.
    • Left/Right Independent Controls.
    • Audio Masher/Slew Limiter.
    • Distortion Shaper.
    • Individual Gain Control.
    • Mixed Synthesis Function.

DEFCON3 beta is available as a free download.

More information: DNR Collaborative