DNR Collaborative Symmetry Pro for u-he ACE

DNR Collaborative has announced that Reason Lahalla’s Ace Symmetry Pro soundset of 150 custom instruments for u-he’s ACE virtual synthesizer is now available at no cost.

Symmetry Pro includes 150 dark cinematic ambiences, heavy basses, drones, dark rhythmic sequences and basic template sounds for urs heckmann’s ACE semi-modular virtual analog synthesizer.

Symmetry Pro is designed to give you a variety of sounds good for dark ambient music, trance/dance/house breakdowns and downtempo breakbeat, but Symmetry Pro is also for scoring and soundtrack design and FX composition.

Symmetry Pro features

  • 42 Atmospheres and Textures.
  • 19 Mono and Poly Basses.
  • 19 Keyboard Sounds.
  • 10 Mono and Poly Leads.
  • 10 Drones Sounds.
  • 21 Rhythms and Sequences.
  • 22 Template Patches.
  • 5 Morphing Sounds.

The soundset is available to download from DNR Collaborative.