It Might Get Loud Productions has launched its latest MIDI Groove Pack Doom Metal Essentials, a collection of over 100 drum beats and fills.

The summer heat driving you mad? Beat the heat with the latest It Might Get Loud Productions MIDI Groove Pack: Doom Metal Essentials.

Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Drone.. whatever you want to call it it’s going to be Slow, Thick & Heavy. That’s why Doom Metal Essentials MIDI Pack weighs a ton because these beats are indeed thick & heavy. Ranging from Funeral Doom <90bpm into faster Stoner Metal ~170bpm, Doom Metal Essentials is a good writing tool for all things slow & heavy.

Doom Metal Essentials features

  • Over 70 Unique Beats.
  • Over 30 Unique Fills.
  • Beats and Fills from 80bpm to 170bpm.
  • All Drums played by Ron D. Rock at Soundstakk Studios, Detroit.
  • Uses GM Midi mapping.

The MIDI pack is on sale for the intro price of $10 USD until August 6th.

During the sale you can also get the bundle of KVLT Drums, Black Metal Essentials and Doom Metal Essentials for only $50 USD, and the Almighty MIDI Pack (Black Metal Essentials, HC Essentials, Death Metal Essentials, Deathcore Essentials, Djentastic MIDI Pack, Skate Punk Essentials, Metalcore Essentials, Thrash Metal Essentials & Doom Metal Essentials) is on sale for only $60 USD.

More information: It Might Get Loud Productions