Plugin Boutique has launched a new Show & Reveal video demonstration in which producer Joshua Casper takes a look at the Dope Matrix: Mod Squad, a full suite of Max for Live devices from Sonic Faction.

Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD is a collection of 20 enigmatic modular devices for Ableton and Max for Live. The pack includes euro-rack inspired analog & digital oscillators, an emporium of boutique effects, mappable modulators and a Control Matrix Sequencer for hands-on control via the Push and Launchpad grid.

MOD SQUAD includes completely reimagined modular analog and wavetable oscillators; each with its own dedicated filters, envelopes, FM and LFOs. New additions to the synth lineup include the Lithium feedback synth and Freak Mod FM randomizer.

MOD SQUAD comes with a plethora of boutique modular effects, ranging from modulated bucket delays and resonating reverbs to thrashing distortions and glitchy sound manglers. Chain them together to create hyper-dimensional soundscapes.

Dope Matrix: Mod Squad is available from Plugin Boutique for $69 USD.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Sonic Faction