Luftrum has announced the Do-it-yourself Preset Kit for Arturia Pigments 2, a collection of 64 initialized, identical and completely default presets for the Pigments 2 synthesizer instrument.

Are you dreaming of diving into the world of sound design and create your own synth presets? Well, now you can with the amazing DIY Preset Kit for Arturia Pigments 2. This remarkable do-it-yourself pack contains 64 initialized, identical and completely default presets.

The preset kit is full of initialized synth leads, default saw pads, init empty arpeggios, do-it-yourself textures and unfinished basslines. It’s all there. All you have to do is tweak the knobs and add modulation plus effects.

Listen to the demo below, made using only sounds from the preset kit and we promise: There are no external effects used, these are the presets as they sound straight out of the box. Using your imagination, it’s easy to hear what the presets can become when their full potential is unlocked!

The DIY Preset Kit for Pigments 2 is a free download for a limited time only.

All jokes aside, you can also grab the Luftrum 23 soundset for Pigments 2 and all other Luftrum sound libraries at a 20% discount with coupon code april2020 at the checkout through April.

More information: Luftrum