Dream Audio Tools has launched a new Kontakt instrument library featuring fully playable electric guitar rhythmic Patterns and figures: Indie Fingers Volume 3: Rhythmic Mayhem.

Indie Fingers Volume Three: Rhythmic Mayhem introduces a comprehensive array of rhythmic guitar patterns, multiple techniques (unmuted and different palm mute), which can be played in a piano-like form allowing the musicians to create and play their own lines, chords, intervals.

All provided in a modular asset where all the patches can be combined/layered creating infinite combinations of guitar arrangements and riffs.

Rhythmic Mayhem features

  • Tempo synced.
  • All samples 24 bit 48 Khz.
  • True analog chain and boutique pedals used, in order to offer a most autentic tone.
  • All patches and Multi’s are fully playable, create your own melodies, chords, intervals and riffs/licks.
  • All patches can be combined for unlimited combinations and arrangements.
  • 18 main patches and 54 effected variations.
  • 10 “one key” multis .nkm, featuring layered sequences.
  • 1,24 Gigabytes of recorded material.
  • Sequenced Patches are provided both in full and half tempo.
  • Low memory usage, Laptop ready.
  • Designed effect variations activable (Distortion, Delay, 8bit reduction, Reverb).
  • Modulation wheel controlled slicer for more rhythmic combinations.

The library is available to purchase for 34.90 EUR. Requires Kontakt 4.2.3 or above, full version.

More information: Dream Audio Tools