Dream Audio Tools has announced the release of its new Kontakt instrument library Repetitive Bass Shorty Edition, featuring played sequences and sustained instruments captured using a really characterful short scale bass, bridge pickup.

Think edgy and rough with a slightly compressed and saturated tone, perfect for Rock, Indie, Alternative and even Cinematic.

The Repetitive Bass serie fills the gap introducing real sequences, multisampled and playable according to host tempo. Repetitive Bass Shorty Edition features two different sets of sequenced and sustained patches (sustains include round robins), both fingered and muted. It also includes as a bonus slide-to-note and drop-slide patches.

Tweak your sound by adding designed effects configurations of Amp, Saturation, Chorus and Phaser for an unlimited range of bass tones.

Repetitive Bass Shorty Edition features

  • All samples 24 bit/48kHz.
  • Authentic mix-ready bass tone.
  • Repetitions in half, fourths, eights, triplets + sustained tones both fingered and muted.
  • 13 .nki patches.
  • Designed effect variations can be activated (Reamp, Chorus, Phaser, Saturation).
  • Low memory usage, laptop ready.
  • Requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or above.

The instrument library is on sale for the introductory price of 16.90 EUR until September 30th, 2021 (regular 19.90 EUR). In celebration of the release, all other Repetitive Bass libraries are 40% off for a limited time.

More information: Dream Audio Tools