Dream Audio Tools has launched a new Kontakt instrument library inspired by the authentic surf guitar sound of the ’50s and ’60s.

Everything has been programmed and edited to obtain a mix-ready yet raw and believable tone while offering a nice variety of articulations for the style.

Surfin Guitar is an ideal tool for creating that instant fifties/jukebox feel or to satisfy all your most guilty pulp desires. Amped tones, spring reverb, tremolo, chorus have been meticolously shaped allowing a quick creation of ready-to-use tones for your music.

With its usable interface and a selected array of controls and effects Surfin Guitar allows the customization and creation of an unlimited range of inspiring sounds. Controls include a selection of spring reverb impulses, amp, tremolo, chorus, delay along with ADSR and filter controls for adding a modern twist to vintage tones.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 5 or higher, Surfin Guitar is on sale for the intro price of 19.90 EUR until October 15th, 2022 (regular 29.90 EUR).

More information: Dream Audio Tools