Loopmasters has launched 91Vocals label’s new royalty free sample pack where intimate lo-fi aesthetics collide with dreamy vocals, cosy melodic loops, and the subtle energy of DIY bedroom beats.

Produced by Brighton singer, songwriter and producer Heights, Dream Girl – Lofi Bedroom Pop comes with melancholic melodies, heartbreak hooks, tape-tinged cassette keys, acoustic guitars, and drifting analog synths to create glowing atmospheres of memories and nostalgia.

All samples are handcrafted from conception to completion, from the writing and arrangement to the engineering and vocal production, resulting in a detailed and vision-inspired collection. Vocals are supplied with both wet and dry versions for maximum flexibility. Created by producer and sound designer Dokkodo Sounds and featuring the distinctive voice of bedroom pop artist and producer HEIGHTS.

Explore a delicately designed lo-fi drum kit of textured one-shots and loops. Punchy kicks, layered snares, retro machines, and hardware perc. Drenched in saturation, tape warmth, and crunchy character. Loops include lazy beats, unquantized rhythms, and dusty layers. dream girl delivers a diverse selection of royalty-free sounds and emotive moods perfect for bedroom pop, lo-fi beats, chillout and indie dream pop.

The sample pack is priced £34.95 GBP at the Loopmasters store.

More information: 91Vocals