ADSR Sounds has introduced Sonics Empire’s new Drums Bundle 2023, a collection of 1,100+ one shots and loops for music producers looking to add dynamic, high-quality drums to their tracks.

This bundle includes a wide range of drum loops, covering all popular genres, from hip-hop and trap, Drill to Afro and Amapiano. The loops are designed to be versatile and easily integrated into any production, with a range of tempos and styles to choose from.

In addition to the drum loops, the bundle also includes one-shots of all the different drum categories, including kicks, snares, hi-hats, cymbals, and more.

These one-shots can be used to build custom drum patterns or to add extra impact to existing loops. The high-quality recordings and production techniques used in the bundle ensure that each one-shot packs a punch, delivering the power and clarity needed for modern productions.

Priced $19.99 USD, the sample pack includes a total of 688 one shot samples and 437 drum loops.

More information: Sonics Empire