DSK SoundFonts

On this page you will find SoundFonts by DSK Music.

Note: to use these SoundFont files you will need to use a SoundFont capable instrument/player.

Many samplers (i.e. Kontakt, HALion, etc.) can play SoundFonts natively, but you can also use dedicated SoundFont players like SFZ Sample Player (free download).

Check here for more information on SoundFonts.

DSK Asian DreamZ Vol. 1

DSK Asian DreamZ Vol. 1 — 7 Asian instruments: Pipa, Pipa tremolo, Luan, Guzhen, Erhu, Ban di, Percussion kit (added 2008.10.08)

Listen to a demo mp3 of Asian DreamZ here, and download the SoundFont below (9.2 zipped, 11 MB uncompressed).

DSK Asian DreamZ (SoundFont) — Download size: 9.26 MB

Note: this is the SoundFont version of the  Asian DreamZ VST instrument.