DSPplug has announced the release of a new compressor effect plugin for Windows. The DSPplug pro native comp is a compressor with character.

It’s not smooth as plastic, and it’s not grainy like let’s say an old free vst comp; but it’s tasteful and it has the ability to easily master a track in short order for LUFS mastering purposes or just on a track per track basis.

Designed for Windows VST2 and VST3 in both x86 and x64, the pro native compressor is extremely efficient, designed to be used many times over in a modern or classic daw environment.

Using various tricks of engineering like an enhanced level of single precision accuracy using a trick with division, the amount of decay and sustain for your end products will be both stable and pleasing. This product is 100% vector and includes mousewheel support, as well as a VST resizing feature allowing you to make the plugin twice as large without losing image resolution.

The DSPplug pro native comp is available at both KVR Audio and DSPplug for the introductory price of $15 USD for a limited time (regular $25 USD).