DSRT Sound has launched LTC-1, a controller app that focuses on providing touch control for the transport and track mixing features of Ableton Live.

DSRT Sound LTC-1

Built with a combination of Max for Live and Lemur, LTC-1 is an ideal controller for working in Arrangement view. For those working in Session view, LTC-1 fits in nicely alongside a grid based hardware controller.

This controller also features bi-directional communication, so track changes you make from within Live update in realtime in the tablet interface.

A core concept of the LTC-1 is to provide extensive yet flexible control. The three pages of the interface are tied together in various ways, allowing it to adapt to different workflows.

LTC-1 features

  • Controls for volume, pan, sends 1-4, track enable, solo, and arm for up to 16 tracks in Ableton Live.
  • Select tracks directly with one of the 16 large track select buttons or incrementally with the track forward/back buttons.
  • Bi-directional communication via OSC keeps the touch interface constantly updated, even after adding or deleting tracks.
  • Two views let you choose between either a detailed single track view or multitrack mixer.
  • Complete transport controls for both session and arrangement view and an hr:min:sec time display.
  • Additional controls for quantize, tempo, draw/view commands along with buttons for adding, deleting and duplicating tracks in Live.

LTC-1 is available as a free download. Requires Ableton Live 9 (with Max for Live) and the Lemur app.

More information: DSRT Sound